The holiday season is a crucial time of year for most businesses. Some don't even operate out of the "red" until the close of business on the day after Thanksgiving, hence the name "Black" Friday. Make this shopping season a huge success for your company this year by marketing your goods and services the most effective way possible in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle, RADIO! And not just any radio, the award-winning radio stations of Wright Wradio, KWEY, KKZU and KCLI.

Sure you have heard the slogan "Radio Works!" for years, but why does it work in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle? If you want to succeed in business and compete against the big box stores of the city, this is a VERY important question you need to understand.

There are two parts to this answer: WHO and WHEN. Who do you want to reach with the message of your great product or service? What communication methods does your ideal customer utilize? Knowing your customer is easy, but knowing how to reach them is the tricky part. So, who listens to the radio? Wright Wradio owns 5 stations with listenership stretching from El Reno, OK through the Texas Panhandle. Over 35,000 people listen to our stations each week just in Western Oklahoma. THAT IS A FACT! Our demographics reach people from all walks of life from all ages. So if your ideal customer has a pulse, we reach them.

When you have the opportunity to reach your customers is also critical. With radio, you can reach people ALL DAY LONG and repeatedly. You have drive-time. You have the lunch hour. You have tons of businesses playing our stations in their stores and business offices. You have evening drive-time. Then there is the evening time running around getting errands done and kids to activities. Think about all the times that customer could be hearing YOUR message. Only your message is front and center for that 30-60 seconds. Powerful thought, huh?

Radio is also local. Think about the last time you saw a television ad on the main city stations for a Weatherford, Elk City or Clinton business. Can't think of one, can you. If you want to keep people shopping and spending their money locally, you HAVE to remind them you are here. Telling people who you are, what you do/have and how to contact you is the premise of which all radio ads are based upon. And the frequency of message that radio gives makes this information stick with your customers.

So the choice is yours this holiday season. Let us explode your profit margin and utilize the biggest mouth in Western Oklahoma to get your message out. Radio works and now you know why.

Call our award winning sales team today and let our creative staff put together an amazing ad campaign for the 2012 holiday sales season. We have several ad packages to choose from with different payment options as well. Give us a call today! (580) 772-5939, (580) 323-5254, or (580) 225-2818.