Clinton's Route 66 Festival

The Route 66 Festival in Clinton on May 25th and 26th had something for everyone! With a car, truck and bike show, a poker run, stereo competition, a burn out zone, wiener dog races, Battle of the Bands on 66, free hot dogs and Pepsi, tons of vendors, and a free family concert, the Festival had many great activities for everyone in the family! Vanessa broadcast live from the Festival Saturday morning and Todd once again wore the emcee cap for the Annual Wiener Dog Races. If you missed it, you missed a great time!

66-jenny simms

The Jenny Simms Band
won the
2012 Battle of the Bands on Route 66!

66-magic on stage

Magician Chris Capstone entertained the audiences with two performances along with "strolling magic" all day!


"Diamond" owned by Elliyah Lowry of Clinton was the Grand Champion of the 2012 Wiener Dog Races!

66-second place

"Mickey" owned by Bethany Haan of Weatherford finished in Second Place in the Wiener Dog Races of 2012!

66-vanessa and salsa dude

Vanessa enjoyed some great salsa from this gentleman, one of the many vendors at the Festival this year.

66-girl with dog 2

All ages enjoyed bring their wiener dogs to the Festival and cheering on those short legged friends!

66-dog and owner 1

Another one of our furry friends from the 2012
Wiener Dog Races!

66-chamber gang with Julie

The Clinton Chamber gang was hard at work all
weekend long!


Here come the low riders ... I mean, wiener dogs in the finals of the 2012 Races!

66-lady and dog

Another racer enjoying hugs
at the finish line!

66-kids with dogs

Friends, two and four legged, enjoyed the Dog Races and Festival this year!

66-wiener dog shirt

If we had a prize for most appropriate t-shirt for an event, this guy would win!

66-julie and magic

Magician Chris Capstone stops his strolling magic just long enough for a pic with Julie Menge, Chamber Director.


Here is one of our Wiener Dog Race timers, Dana Blackmore, fiance of Wright Wradio's Todd Brunner. Thanks Dana!

66-girl and dog 1

This little lady was camera shy (the dog, not her owner) after her big race!

66-chamber crew 1

The Clinton Chamber gang sold t-shirts with their new event logo this year.

66-crowd with dog

Waiting for race time can
be grueling! This pup is
ready to race!

66-late entry

Hold it! We have a late entry! But first her doggie shirt had to be removed making her more aerodynamic!


Todd Brunner once again served as the Annual
Wiener Dog Race Emcee!
Run Wiener Dogs! Run!

66-museum flyer

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum reopened after a renovation. There a ceremony and free admission all day!


Rep. Harold Wright and Sen. Mike Schultz presented the Governor's proclamation as well as pledged their support to the Route 66 Museum.


Gary Albert of Grace Living Center was chief chef during the preparation for the Hot Dog Eating Contest.

66-HD Eat 2

Contestants in the Hot Dog Eating Contest stared down their competition at the other table before the race began.

66-HD Eat 1

This table of Hot Dog Eating contestants were not phased by the tough stares of the other table!

66-little HD eaters

All ages were on stage to participate in the Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. Sadly, Julie Menge, Chamber Director was too busy to make it over to compete.


Waiting for the bell, contestant Eddie Haan
thinks "Well, if I don't win,
at least it was free lunch!"

66-check winners mouth

Gary Albert (right) checks the mouth of the Hot Dog Eating Contest winner, Preston Patterson. Preston ate 9 hot dogs with bun, the fastest!


Special thanks to Ronnie Walker, John Kokalis and Don Hertzler for helping Harold with the cooking of over 800 hot dogs for the Wright Wradio Hot Dog and Pepsi Give-away!

66-H1 grilling

Harold, Ronnie, John
and Don cooked for several hours to feed the whole
park hot dogs and Pepsi! Thanks guys!


The Wright Wradio crew was on hand to package and pass out free hot dogs and Pepsi to everyone before the concert. Here, our General Manager, Heston Wright, experiences hearing difficulty. Perhaps it was selective?


Brady Russell, morning host on The Zoo, hard at work preparing hot dogs!


Ray Bagby, Technical Director at Wright Wradio, works to get dogs wrapped and ready to go out.


Amanda, Area Sales Manager in Elk City, is ready to hand out free drinks!

66-amanda and bh

Amanda Danda is recruiting sales people at quite a young age! (Actually Bethany just helped her pass out Pepsi.)

66-kirstin wright

Special thanks to Kirstin Wright, of Clinton, who spent several hours collecting trash from Festival patrons.


Roxanne, Amanda's sister,
also helped Wright Wradio
pass out free hot dogs.

66-H2 kissing booth

For some reason, Heston kept thinking the Pepsi cart was a kissing booth.

66-H2 clean up

Good help is so hard to find, thought Heston, as he led
the Wright Wradio clean
up efforts.

66-still surfin

Still Surfin, a Beach Boys tribute band, took the stage as the sun went down over the park for a wonderful free family concert.